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hi! i'm ana. i'm 20, i've lived in rio all my life, i'm kinda into teen werewolves and i promised myself that i'd stop using this to complain about law school.

Robocop!Derek/technician!Stiles AU


Robocop!Derek/technician!Stiles AU

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First & Last Appearances - Shameless Season Four

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Hey look I actually finished the next part!

Pages 3 & 4 out of ???

Link to pages 1 & 2

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"I can do anything"

Stiles, Danny, Peter and Derek are Ron, Wade, Señor Senior Sr and Señor Senior Jr (respectively) in the Kim Possible AU I drew few days back. I wanted to finish it and lol got carried away with the whole deal. It was fun tho! :D 

Thanks to derekhaie tweet about this AU! 

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It’s been a long time coming. And now it’s finally happnened.#TheUniting , at last , with @realgrumpycat


you are my king  i am your lionheart

available on society6free shipping + 5$ off until 13th


you are my king  i am your lionheart

available on society6
free shipping + 5$ off until 13th

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